What Is A Gambling Vertical And Why Is It Needed?


Gambling is a game of chance, a casino. We also call gambling a vertical, a niche that involves working with traffic to casino brands. In parallel to gambling, there is also betting – it is also a game of chance, in simple words, betting on sporting events. Brands are located online, so we generate traffic (bring players) to casino brands and receive commissions for their targeted actions. The casino always earns a lot. So many! And since income directly depends on how much money a player loses in a casino, the most important interest of any casino brand is to attract as many players as possible who will lose their money. That is why casino representatives turn to affiliate networks, the essence of which is to unite traffic specialists on their platform (website) in order to attract traffic from them – real players who will play. We will consider this further.

How does gambling affiliate marketing work?

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Imagine what a certain casino owner eats. He wants to get more quality traffic in the form of players for his product. How can he promote his brand?

Method number 1 

Brand advertising in the network with own resources. I can run a traffic department. His name is usually internal media buying.

Its structure may be different, but the foundation is always the same, it includes:

-farmers – specialists who create accounts in advertising sources and transfer them to buyers

-designers/video editors – specialists who create advertising creatives (photos/videos) and pass them on to buyers

-buyers – specialists who create advertising campaigns and buy traffic from advertising sources


The advantage of building such a department is that I myself support my specialists, they are usually on a salary, and I fully control and see all the processes from A to Z to attract players to my Jokeron brand.


Due to the fact that my resource is limited and the specifics of working with gambling is such that I always have to deal with various consequences, I will never be able to get the most out of such work and drive myself into my own limits of the capacities that are available to me. I have limited resources. Advertising budgets and the number of specialists. But at the same time, I want to receive players who make deposits and lose them on my product. For this, there is a second method, which is used by 99% of casino owners and betting brands.

Method number 2

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The market is designed in such a way that there are many sites on the network that are a platform for working with casino brands and betting.

Their name is affiliate networks, in other words, a gambling affiliate. These resources contain offers from casino brands (offers), work conditions are outlined, and it is indicated what the advertiser (brand owner) pays for. The affiliate program combines traffic specialists, we call them webmasters, who generate traffic for different brands.

The tasks of the affiliate program are different, one of the key ones is to provide the advertiser with high-quality traffic to his product. 

How they do it:

– Attracting webmasters to the platform to generate traffic

-Providing webmasters with different and profitable offers

-Training webmasters on working with traffic – we give expertise and the knowledge that helps any beginner to start in gambling. Knowledge that helps in solving difficult situations and in increasing the earnings of already established traffic specialists

-Supplying all the necessary tools – we write instructions, manuals, issue technical solutions and everything so that the webmaster only needs to launch traffic -Creation of strong and friendly partnerships with webmasters and advertisers

Thus, the casino owner can contact the affiliate program and make a deal. It takes off all the burden of working with traffic. He only creates an offer for webmasters and pays for targeted actions that are performed by the referred players from webmasters.

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