Technology And Excitement: How The Modern Gambling Market Works

Gambling Market

Gambling: entertainment for export

Gambling is part of a large entertainment industry, within which there are categories, different types of activities: sports betting, live casino, keno, poker, and so on. This area is diverse and extensive, but it cannot be said that all categories are developing equally quickly and evenly around the world.

There are many varieties of gambling – for example, betting, sweepstakes, lotteries, as well as land-based casinos in special gaming zones. The activity of online casinos is prohibited in some countries of the world, but companies can produce special gaming software, which can then be integrated on the resources of foreign platforms.

What is the online gaming market

online gaming

In the structure of global gambling, betting takes the first place in terms of leadership and demand – the share of various bets on sports competitions and other generated events reaches 48.7 percent, which in monetary terms is more than 19.5 billion euros in terms of revenue. This sector is occupied by large companies such as William Hill, Bet365, 888 Holdings and others.

In second place is the online casino industry (their share is 26.8 percent and 10.7 billion euros in revenue). Next by a wide margin are lottery draws (8.9 percent), poker (6.2 percent), skill-based entertainment such as quests (5.1 percent) – and finally bingo draws (1.8 percent).

Live Casino: Democratizing Elite Entertainment

Online casino formats have been under active development for the last ten years. Every year we observe a growth trend – both in the number of players and in the number of investments.

Demand, at the same time, creates supply: an increasing number of developer companies represent games in this segment, but you have to try hard to attract partner providers. The expected trend is the use of VR / AR technologies, then there is a forecast for an increase in the quality of content thanks to 5G networks, as well as an increase in the market due to mobile gaming. Of course, the development of gambling in general and live casinos in particular is impossible without the active participation of the legislature and regulatory authorities.

Pleasure under license

Live Casino

For companies that operate worldwide, it is important to carefully study the rules that relate to the regulation of products in each country.

There are many nuances associated with certification, licensing, and they vary from one state to another. Lawyers closely monitor regulatory standards, because reputation is expensive.

Also, an important place in the gambling system is occupied by a license. The process of obtaining it depends on the country in which the company operates. Sometimes obtaining a license can take several months. An online casino gambling license is a document that allows you to run an online gambling business: bingo, all kinds of lotteries, options, an online bookmaker, as well as an online casino. A gambling license is issued by a special regulated body, which develops a set of requirements that must be met by the owner of the gambling business.

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